Beaumont Hotel Beaumont, Kansas - February, 2018




Old School Paranormal made our first trip to Southeast Kansas to investigate the Beaumont Hotel.  There is a lot of history surrounding this 140-year old building including one of the (if not the) only place in the country where you can land, taxi and park right in their parking lot (if you're a pilot, that is).  If you're not a pilot, then drive, ride..whatever you choose in order to visit these folks . Did we mention that the Beaumont Hotel seems to be home for at least 5 spirits?  

The client has reviewed the evidence presented and gave us permission to release a reveal video.  You can see it HERE.  Or click the video below!

After watching the video, check out the Beaumount Hotel's WEBSITE.  They are located in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  And if you're ever in the area, stop by and pay them a visit.  Make sure to tell them Old School Paranormal sent you!