We're not sure exactly what is being whispered here, but it appears to be someone saying "I want to go [inaudible].  This was caught in the museum 18 minutes after the investigation started.  The team was in the Chyrsler house when this EVP was captured.

Again, this was caught in the museum just over an hour into the investigation.  The team had not made it out to the museum yet.  It appears to be a male singing possibly these words: "I..love you...this...much."  This recorder was sitting on Walter Chrysler's desk.

At the very end of this clip, there appears to be a young voice.  We have no idea what it is saying (if, in fact it is a voice).  It's very similar to the voice we picked up in the same room (Chrysler's parent's bedroom) on the last clip below.  The voice you hear at the beginning is one of the team members upstairs in Walter and Ed Chrysler's bedroom.

One of the many talents of Walter Chrysler was that he was a musician.  75 minutes intot he investigation, one of our downstairs recorders picks up what sounds like a possible musical note.  The team was still asking questions in Walter and Ed Chrysler's bedroom upstairs.

71 minutes into the investigation.  OSP was in the museum when this odd EVP was captured.  There were two female guests with the team, but neither of them sound like the voice captured and most certainly neither one of them would have any reason to say this..

Old School Paranormal paid our second visit to the historic Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood Home & Museum in Ellis, Kansas.  If you are ever in or passing through Ellis, this is a great place to check out.  Here's their website.


Although no visual evidence was captured (one investigator swore he saw a shadow figure move across the hallway in the museum but our cameras did not pick it up), there were several interesting audio evidence that came from that investigation.  

Chrysler Boyhood Home Ellis, Kansas - August, 2015



Chrysler Boyhood Home Ellis, Kansas - March, 2018  



EVP - If you listen closely at the :01 mark, you can hear a female voice talk at the same time as the investigators.  There was only one female in the entire home at the time.  However, there are clearly two females voices.

Chrysler Boyhood Home Ellis, Kansas - January, 2014  



Old School Paranormal teamed up to do a multi-location investigation in Ellis, Kansas in March 2018:  The Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood Home and the Ellis Railroad Museum.  There was some really great evidence caught!  Check out the reveal video and give us your thoughts!