Old School Paranormal Code of Ethics


Old School Paranormal (OSP) is bound to the following code of ethics.  These ethics help show the professionalism in which our investigations will be handled from start to finish.  Anyone that attends an investigation or any event that might be held by OSP will also follow these code of ethics as they are representatives of our team. 

1. OSP will conduct themselves in an appropriate and responsible manner at all times.

2. OSP and previously approved guest investigators will be respectful of other investigators, clients, visitors and guests.

3. Investigators will not be under the influence of any alcoholic beverage or drugs during any OSP nvestigation, event or meeting.

4. Participants in any OSP investigation, meeting or event will be respectful of public and private properties at all times.

5. Participants in any OSP investigation, meeting or event will obey all local, state, and federal laws, by-laws and regulations.

6. Any guest attendee of an OSP investigation, meeting or event participates voluntarily and takes full responsibility for his or her own safety and welfare. OSP has liability insurance in the event someone on our team breaks or damages something during one of our investigations

7. Investigation participants must be 18 years old or over unless OSP authorizes otherwise in writing.

8. Absolutely no discussing cases outside of OSP when a Client wishes to remain anonymous!

9. We do not invite friends or family members to investigations unless otherwise preauthorized by the team's Co-Founders.  Our team's liability insurance only covers members of our team and why we do not make it a practice to have guest investigators with us during investigations.

10. No one may ever organize or carry out any investigation under the OSP name unless you are authorized to do so by OSP Co-Founders in writing.

11. OSP will never charge a client a fee for an investigation. If offered some monetary amount for expenses accrued, we will graciously accept.

12. Participants in any OSP tour or investigation, meeting or event will be respectful of all equipment owned by team members, guests or OSP.

13. No one will ever fake paranormal activity, falsely claim to experience anything, or falsify any images, recordings or data etc. This will permanently ban one from ever participating in any future investigation, meeting, or OSP event.  Furthermore, OSP will always strive to find rational explanations for what may be considered a paranormal event.

14. All cellular phones will either be turned off and left at Base Camp or in airplane mode during the course of the investigation.

15. There will be NO SMOKING in investigation areas except in areas designated by the Lead Investigator.

16. OSP will always give an honest, non-biased, objective opinion to the client following an investigation. We will advise whether we feel paranormal activity has indeed occurred during the investigation. Although we have no wish to disappoint, should we feel that, at the time of the investigation, no paranormal activity has occurred, or we are able to debunk to our satisfaction any event, then the client will be informed accordingly.  If paranormal activity is documented, OSP will always provide a Reveal Video to the client once all data, video and audio have been thoroughly reviewed by the OSP team.

17. Although there will always be consultation with OSP core team members with regard to the running of OSP, the final decisions will always be made by the founders of OSP.

18. All team members and guests attending an investigation must risk assess the location prior to the investigation taking place. Any health and safety issues must be brought to the attention of the Lead Investigator and any attending guests will be informed therein before the investigation.

19. All OSP investigation members will keep an account for where they are at all times within the boundaries of the investigation area. In cases where an investigator is to carry out a lone vigil, the area must be risk assessed, and a communication device will be on at all times.

20. At no time will the OSP name, Old School Paranormal, be used for personal monetary gains. All profits will be used to fund possible investigations, purchase new equipment, etc.  

21. As members of OSP, we will obide by these rules of conduct at all times!!!!  Our standards are set high so that we can provide the best evidence possible for all investigations we participate in.    

22.  OSP will always conduct prayers prior to and after an investigation.  If a guest is with us, either during a tour or in the rare event, an investigation, we respect their right to ground themselves as they see fit if they choose not to pray.