Hays Public Library  Hays, KS - June 2018



Old School Paranormal and the Hays Public Library will team up again Spring 2019 for a follow-up, overnight investigation! 

We will also present our findings publicly sometime in October 2019.

Stay tuned for further details!

Hays Public Library  Hays, KS - June 2018



Old School Paranormal was called in by the staff of the Hays Public Library to help solve decades of paranormal claims by both patrons and library staff members.  Claims included phantom footsteps, books moving on their own, a haunted painting, a man in a purple jump suit and claims that long-gone librarians are still tending to their beloved library.  In cooperation with the library, OSP first did a short, four-hour investigation.

OSP presented our findings first to a great group of teenagers in mid-July 2018 during their haunted lock-in.

We also presented our findings to the general public in October 2018.  It was a great turnout.  We had a great time presenting our findings and educating the public on paranormal investigating.  

Plans are in the works to do a full, overnight investigation in 2019!

To see the results of our investigation from June 2018, please see the reveal video below.