Old Homestead House Cripple Creek, Colorado - August, 2019 



Old School Paranormal made our first-ever paranormal trip to the Cripple Creek, Colorado area to conduct two investigations.

The first investigation was at the historic Old Homestead House Brothel museum.  This place was once the most famous brothel in Cripple Creek. Owned and operated by Pearl DeVere, the opulent parlor bustled with activity and became known for impeccable service, high-powered customers and glamorous madams. At a time when $3 a day (approximately $90 in today's dollars) was considered a good wage for a miner, Pearl charged $250 a night (yeah..so, that'd be roughly $7500 in today's dollar), and got it. 

Filled with many pieces of original furniture and displays that tell the story of the shady side of Cripple Creek, the house is the only original parlor to survive.

Museum staff have reported hauntings in the old brothel. Once in a while, according to staff, visitors will get a funny look on their face and suddenly ask if there are ghosts at the museum. Obviously, they are feeling a presence of something around them. During recent construction, there were several reports from workers who said that the former “girls” of the house were watching them work. Others have felt someone touching them and sensed movement out of the corner of their eye. Several people have reported that there are three former soiled doves who continue to reside at the old parlor house.