Dodge Theater Dodge City, Kansas - May, 2015



The location of the 1939 world premier of the motion picture "Dodge City", this old theater's glory days seem long behind it.  Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart or other motion picture stars of the glory days of cinema once passed through these very doors.  Dodge City native Dennis Hopper went to this theater growing up as a young boy.  Our team wanted to find out if anyone still called this theater home.  

The owners of the location were gracious enough to let us check the 15,000 square foot location out.


Unfortunately, we didn't turn up any evidence from our investigation.  From the time we spent inside, there was no doubt that this was one of the finest movie houses in the state.  From the spacious seating, ornate lighting and fixtures, this was certainly one of the more mysteriously beautiful places the team has been in.


Who knows?  Perhaps someday we'll be back...just to make sure nobody stayed behind.