Old School Paranormal is a not-for-profit organization. Our own members support our group. We have never charged for any type of service that we offer. Our services are performed as a public service to those in need of our investigation services. 


While we appreciate any donations, our team feels people only should donate when they feel led to do so. Although we put as much hard work and dedication as we do our day jobs, this is merely a hobby for us. We have a true, genuine interest in this field and want to help the people affected by the paranormal every day.  

All donations received go directly back into the group to help with purchases of new group equipment, batteries, cost of maintaining of our liability insurance, website/equipment, computer software, and travel expenses we incur from cases outside of the Hays and Western Kansas region.


If you would like to donate to Old School Paranormal, we’ve provided a PayPal link below. Any amount is welcome and most certainly appreciated. Old School Paranormal thanks you in advance for your generosity and support.