Something very unusual happened that night that we didn't hear in person, but when reviewing video footage we couldn't believe our ears, not eyes.  In this 1:00+ min clip, you'll hear whistling..and a lot of it.  Someone..or something..was whistling a tune that we can't quite make out.  Nobody on the OSP team was whistling that night.  We checked also with the guest investigators and they too said they didn't whistle that night.  All of our voices can be clearly heard on the camcorder speaker.
After concluding an EVP session, the team and 2 guest investigators started to have a conversation in the theater.  Apparently, another "guest" was not happy about the noise and told us to "sshh" twice (1st :11, 2nd :14).  The ABC counting by one of the guest investigators was to determine whether or not the female voice the group had heard earlier could have reasonably came from someone walking down the sidewalk outside the museum.
Old School Paranormal teamed up to do a multi-location investigation in Ellis, Kansas in March 2018:  The Ellis Railroad Museum and the Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood Home.  There was some really great evidence caught!  Check out the reveal video and give us your thoughts!

This was a very strange find.  For the duration of this clip, it sounds like a single note on a piano is being played.  Sometimes, there are two notes in succession.  The recorder was in the old jail cell and recording during the entire duration of the investigation.  The three-or-so minutes of the recording was the only time we heard this noise during evidence review.  There was absolutely no wind whatsoever the night of the investigation and there appears to be no rhythm to the tones.  The building used to house a theatre, so either this is a residual phonemena or something was going on outside the building other than weather.  Is this paranormal?  Not sure.  The team plans to put another recording device in the jail cell overnight during a similar calm evening and when we're not doing an investigation to see if we can catch the same anomaly again.  

One of our guest investigators (a female) asked if there was anyone with us in the theater and if they were an African-American.  You will hear the answer from seemingly another female at the :04 mark.  Our female guest investigator was the only female on the investigation and in the building the entire night.

Ellis Railroad Museum Ellis, Kansas - October, 2014



15 seconds after the three investigators left the museum, footsteps can be heard walking across the wooden floor of the old theater on the upper floor of the building.  An investigator had inadvertently left his recorder in the theater.  Luckily, when reviewing the next evening, this audio clip was found.  These sounds were not heard at any other time during the investigation nor the rest of the night when the recorder was left on after the team had left.

Ellis Railroad Museum Ellis, Kansas - March, 2014



Ellis Railroad Museum Ellis, Kansas - March, 2018



The temperature in Ellis on this night was 19* F.  Depending on where you were in the museum, the temperatures inside ranged from the mid 30's to lower 60's.


Maybe it was too cold.  The only "unexplainable" thing we caught was a very loud bang in the downstairs jail cell on our audio recorders at the 45:28 of the investigation.  It was also picked up on the full spectrum camcorder, but not nearly as loud.  This leads us to believe something fell, banged a table, jail cell bar right next to the audio recorder - which was on the opposite side of the jail cell from the camcorder.  


The three team members present were on the opposite side of the building, upstairs in the theatre.  The team didn't hear the noise during the investigation - just during the review.  We're not saying this is evidence of the paranormal.  Just something we can't explain.  

Ellis Railroad Museum Ellis, Kansas - February, 2015



Towards the beginning of our investigation, one team member and one guest investigator began to have chills and had goosebumps cover their entire bodies for at least 7 minutes straight.  This occured in the most active part of the building - the theater.  The temperature was in the 60s at the time.