Ennis-Handy House Goodland, Kansas - July, 2018  



This was our second investigation of the historic Ennis-Handy House in Goodland, Kansas!  We uncovered even more awesome evidence; including one of our investigators being called by name from the beyond.  You won't want to miss this reveal!









Ennis-Handy House Goodland, Kansas - September, 2015  



This beautiful and historic 1907 home was built by the widow of William Ennis. It is a two story composite Gothic structure with four gables, two porches, two two-story and one one-story bay windows, a balcony, and more.  In the 1940's this location served as a funeral home for the city of Goodland.


Old School Paranormal had a rare opportunity to investigate this 108 year-old house September 2015.  We were pleasantly surprised with how much good evidence we came away with from our investigation.  The Ennis-Handy House had never before been investigated, yet had claims of phantom footsteps, items falling and flying off shelves even after having been moved back.  There was also the claim of a visitor to the home whose wheelchair seemed to move on its own.













Ennis-Handy Reveal