Fort Riley's Historic Main Post Fort Riley, Kansas - Feb., 2020



Old School Paranormal made its third trip to the historic Main Post at Fort Riley, Kansas.  We investigated the two most active buildings we'd been in so far: Building 500 (Summerall Hall/Garrison Command) and the 1853 Custer House.

We have completed our review of evidence from February's investigation and have turned our findings over to Fort Riley for their review.  

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we won't be able to do a live, in-person reveal of our investigation.  However, we will do a public reveal online in the very near future.  Watch for announcments for that event!

Fort Riley Fort Riley, Kansas - November, 2018



Fort Riley's Historic Main Post Fort Riley, Kansas - March, 2019



Old School Paranormal conducted its second paranormal investigation at the historic Main Post of Fort Riley, Kansas.  Two different buildings - one of which gave us some great paranormal evidence..caught on camera!  

This was an amazing investigation.  Although no audio evidence was captured (which is rare), we did have a lot of video evidence (which is even MORE rare!  Check out the reveal video below!

Fort Riley Fort Riley, Kansas - November, 2018



Old School Paranormal is honored and humbled to have been personally contacted by the folks from Fort Riley, Kansas - the home of the Big Red One - to conduct investigations at locations on the Main Post reported to have paranormal activity. 


For over 165 years, Fort Riley has played a crucial role in the annals of American history.  Famous people who have walked these grounds include Gen. George Custer, Buffalo Soldiers, and Wild Bill Hickok.

Countless claims of paranormal activity reported by both soldiers and civilians have been reported all over this 102,000 acre military reservation. 


OSP investigated the famous Custer House, a location that carries with it 150 years of paranormal activity.  We also checked out the Triange House (Quarters 86) which was crazy-active!

Our full investigation reveal is below. 


Then, right before our second investigation on March 9, 2019, we conducted a live reveal to over 50 folks at Fort Riley.  Such great people and an amazing place!