Historic Fort Harker Kanapolis, Kansas - January, 2016



Old School Paranormal had the opportunity to investigate Fort Harker on January 16, 2016 as well as a follow-up investigation on January 29, 2016.


The team cannot express enough how welcome the folks at this historic site made us feel.  Greg, Malinda, Cee and the entire staff at Fort Harker and the Ellsworth County Historical Society have been a pleasure to work with.


On February 21, 2016, OSP conducted a live reveal to nearly 100 people and had an awesome time!  We hope they were pleased with the information we provided for them.


Next time you're in Kansas and want to check out an important piece of American History, stop in and see the great people at Fort Harker in Kanapolis, Kansas . You can visit their website, as well, HERE.

Here is some of our findings from our January 2016 investigation of Fort Harker.  


The complete 68-minute reveal video will be made available in the coming weeks.