Tour Testimonials 

"Loved it! Would like to be included again!"


"Thanks for a fun night!"

"Absolutely felt involved and would absolutely recommend tour to friends and family!"

"The intro video really set the tone for the night.  Well done!  Very professional crew with an honest, spiritual integrity we all appreciated, regardless of how much of a believer or skeptic any of us are."

"Thank you so much for the awesome, memorable experience! Can't wait to see what pictures you have and to do this again with you someday! Loved it!"

"LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!!  Thanks very much!"

"Great time!  I would love to do it again!  Love the history and had a blast ghost hunting!"

"We had a great time!  Won't be the last time you see us! ;)"

"I must say this site has more EVPs than I have experienced on any investigation. We truly enjoyed the evening!"

"Thank you for an absolutely successful night. You guys are so professional and friendly. I will be attending more investigations...thank you...."

"Our hosts, Old School Paranormal, were professional yet personable, friendly and accommodating and lead a great investigation. They claimed that the night was a little slow, but there seemed to be plenty going on - they have accumulated some impressive sensors and have a good sense for adjusting to the situation and trying different strategies to elicit responses."


"Thanks for a great hunt.  I think you guys are a top-notch, legit group.  Good luck in future hunts!"

"I want to say thank you to the Old School Paranormal team and the Ellsworth County Historical Society for the wonderful ghost hunting tour that my daughter and I participated in. It was my first time doing a paranormal investigation with a group of hearing people and I enjoyed it immensely. I would definitely love to do something like this again."

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