Homestead Orphanage Gettysburg, PA - May, 2016



Old School Paranormal sent one

investigator to conduct a solo

paranormal investigation of the

infamous Haunted Orphanage in

Gettysburg, PA on May 30, 2016.  


During the battle of Gettysburg, this building was the headquarters of Union General Howard. In 1866, it was turned into an orphanage and at one time housed 130 boys and girls. The head mistress was Rosa Carmichael, who was infamous for her cruelty and was eventually convicted of child abuse.  Rosa was a merciless sadist who beat the children and tortured them by tying them up in the basement for days and even killing some of them.


Word spread after a runaway was caught and told of her experiences at the orphanage, which included being beaten by teenage boys who Rosa armed with sticks. Torture devices were later found in the house.  Rosa had converted the basement into a dungeon where children were shackled to the walls and left to die.


The orphanage closed in 1877, but Rosa's dark spirit is said to be lurking in the basement, trapped and angry.   


Our investigator descended to the cellar, the eternal home of some of the mistreated orphans and, quite possibly, Rosa Carmichael herself.