Ness Co. Bank Building Ness City, Kansas - January, 2017 



Old School Paranormal returned to the Ness County Bank Building for an unprecedented fourth time in mid-January 2017.  

After nearly 90 hours of audio, 130 hours of video and a multitude of photographs to pour through, we finally have our reveal finished and has been presented to the client.  Since it had been nearly 18 months since our last visit, we came with our entire arsenal of equipment - including two brand new, state-of-the art pieces of paranormal investigating equipment:  skeletal mapping and a highly-sensitive 360° Motion Detector.

Enjoy the reveal below!

Ness Co. Bank Building Ness City, Kansas - Mar, May, July 2015



Old School Paranormal was proud to have presented the reveals from our three investigations to the Ness County Bank Building Board of Directors on August 16, 2015.


This historic landmark never ceases to amaze the team with the amount of activity we've experienced there.  

Ness Co. Bank Building Ness City, Kansas - March, 2015



The building was evidently ready for our arrival as that night's investigation provided the team an incredible amount of activity in the form of EVPs, REM DD hits, unexplainable "bangs and thumps" and a phantom "whistler".  Check out the reveal video of our very first investigation of the historic, 18,700 sq. ft. "Skyscraper of the Plains".  NOTE:  The team thoroughly ensured that all windows were closed and sealed prior to the investigation.  There was no wind that night, so we were able to rule out wind and other environmental factors when it came to the mysterious "bangs and thumps" and the phantom "whistler".


Ness Co. Bank Building Ness City, Kansas - May, 2015



One of the neatest things about investigating this building is the fact that each and every investigation presents the team something new.  Obviously, the phantom whistles were the highlight of the first investigation.  The second investigation did present one whistle, but our REM devices (REM DD and a team-built REM) were going absolutely crazy that night!  Check out the investigation reveal video.  Of course, EVPs were captured..including one of the most unusual EVPs we've ever caught on a recorder.


Ness Co. Bank Building Ness City, Kansas - July, 2015



July 11th's investigation presented a new challenge for the team - extreme heat!  The 100 degree temperatures that day made for a toasty investigation.  The gracious hosts at Ness County Bank Building ensured that the AC was on when we got there.  Because of the age of the building (nearly 140 years old), cool air wasn't available on the second and third floors, so we made sure to take extra breaks and drink plenty of water. We had a guest investigator all the way from Malaysia (okay, it was a brother to two of our team members).  While doing a walk-through prior to the investigation, we were able to hear a whistle, but that was the only one heard that night.  Also, interesting to note, our REM devices did not make a single sound the entire night.  However, we were able to capture some EVPs that were fantastic!  In fact, two of them were Class A EVPs..including a phantom laugh.  Here's the reveal video for our July 11, 2015 investigation. 


SIDE NOTE:   On the EVP where the woman, as we interpreted to say, says "Please don't leave us!  We need food", one of the board members questioned whether or not she was saying "Please don't leave us!  We (or I) need you.".  Old School Paranormal loves this kind of feedback.  While, most of the time, we try to interpret what the entity is saying, it's just a guess and this proposed thought does make more sense.