OParanormal Investigation Gear


This is OSP's arsenal of tools we use on each investigation.  No matter how important and technologically advanced our equipment is, the ability to use our innate senses will always be our most valuable tool.  

5 Full Spectrum HD

Video Cameras

Full Spectrum

Digital Camera

6 Night Vision Cameras

6-Cam Wireless Night Vision HD System

Omni-Communication Spirit Portal

Otherwise known as the OSP, this device was carefully hand-built by our Tech Manager and Equipment Specialist, Kevin Sauer.  He spent an incredible amount of time fine tuning this device with 97% of the mechanisms to make this device work completely inside the portal.  Very hard to do, but he pulled it off.

We will be using the OSP for the first time on an investigation in April and will show you how well it works in the very near future.  

To learn more about the OSP, check out the video to the right.

3 Digital Cameras

SB11 Spirit Box

3 REM Devices

3 K2 Meters

SB7 Spirit Box

8 Mobile Full Spectrum & NV


140 LED IR Infrared Illuminator

 3 Trail Cameras

7 Full Spectrum &  NV Body Video Cameras

168 LED IR Infrared Illuminator

FLIR Thermal Imaging Video Camera

Rook EMF Meter

Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

2 Digital IR Thermometers

12 Digital Audio Recorders

Ion Generator

3 Laser Grids

Universal Trigger Prop


Mel Meter

Train Trigger Prop

MF-1 Meter

360° Periscope

 BooBuddy Interactive Bear

Power Rod

2 Yuneec Breeze Drones

Skeletal Mapping

360° Motion


SLS Camera