Old School Paranormal was contacted by a some folks in Ford County, Kansas that were renovating a home.  The claims were of womens voices and someone walking around on the second floor.  Photographs provided to OSP also show figures standing in the windows of the residence.  


The team spent several in the home and the evidence we came up with was nothing short of compelling.  At least two male voices and a female voice was picked up by our recorders.  Our REM instruments were very active in the second story main bedroom as well.  


To maintain the confidentiality requested by the owners of the home, we will only post evidence that will not reveal the location of the residence and the identity of the owners.  This means that some of the great evidence captured will not be included on this website.



This was one of the many instances where the team asked specific questions and got responses through the REM devices we had on the investigation.

Before the voice on this recording was picked up, a team member was trying to maneuver around a REM device that had just gone off.  We didn't want to interfere with any possible communication that may have been going on.  A few seconds after a team member says "I'm so sorry!" a voice we didn't hear at the time tells us to "Look out!".  

While a REM device was sounding, our recorders picked up what sounded like a "phew" or large exhale.

Our recorders picked up what sounded like another "phew" or large exhale.

OSP has no rational explanation for this clip whatsoever.  The team was conducting an EVP session in the main floor bedroom.  The two voices you are about to hear were picked up by the staircase on the main floor and a bedroom closet recorder on the second floor.  


The first voice is soft and very faint.  We interpret it to say "Shut it off."  Then, a young female voice says "What?".  A few seconds later, the same young female voice says "Shut it off!".  


This is easily one of the best Class A EVPs the team has ever caught!  These voices were not heard the night of the investigation but were discovered during the evidence review process.

OSP doesn't put a lot of weight into "orb photographs".  Most can be chalked up to dust or insects.  This picture, however, left us a bit baffled.  Whatever is in the picture definitely has mass and density to it as well as a little motion blur.  Could this be an orb?  Quite possibly.

Private Residence Ford County, Kansas - May, 2015