Beaumont Hotel

"Was great meeting them.  Am looking forward to the results.  What I already know and seen on camera issss freaking amazing!!!!!"

Historic Fort Harker, Kansas

Kanapolis, Kansas - January 20, 2017

"We at Fork Harker really enjoyed having the guys from Old School Paranormal here at Fort Harker Guard House Museum.  Very respectful and professional.  These men, each possessing great integrity and spirituality, gave their all in time, resources and respect while visiting our historic complex. What they do is not easy, it's a lot of work and requires an open yet skeptical mind and infinite patience. They are each well equiped with both, as well as honest and scientific in their approach. Amazing experience, we were in very capable hands. Can't wait to find out what they found."

Historic Fort Harker, Kansas

Kanapolis, Kansas - December 26, 2016

"I have had the opportunity to work with Old School Paranormal at Fort Harker on many different occasions  I can honestly tell you for a fact OSP are true Paranormal Investigators and not just 'Ghost Hunters'." 

Ellis County Historical Society

Hays, Kansas - December 16, 2015

"The Ellis County Historical Society would like to say thank you to Old School Paranormal for their investigation of the Ellis County Historical Society Museum buildings. The members of Old School Paranormal were courteous and professional in their investigation and gave a very interesting presentation of their findings."

Ida Long Goodman Memorial Library (Presentation & Investigation)

St. John, Kansas - Sept. 9, 2015

"The enthusiasm of the group for paranormal investigations is contagious. The presentation was well received and the audience was engaged, enough to stick, ask questions, and share experiences."

Ness County Bank Building

Ness City, Kansas - August 19, 2015

"Extremely professional.  Met my expectations!  We are extremely satisfied!


I also wanted to let you know how pleased the board is with the presentation on your web site.  It is great.  It was very nice the way you presented our building and the link to the Chamber is great. Please know that you  are welcome to come back anytime!"

Private Residence

Ford County, Kansas - July 6, 2015

"Our first meeting with this team was extremely impressive.  Not only were they professionally dressed, but were so pleasant upon introduction.  We were kept totally informed before, during and after the investigation of the whole process that would and did take place.  We so enjoyed visiting with this team, had a great experience with them and would recommend them anywhere and anytime.  


Fantastic team - so easy to talk with and they knew exactly every answer to any question we had.


Great job OSP!  Such an exciting and fun experience for us." 

Brown Grand Theatre

Concordia, Kansas - March 31, 2015

"The team members were polite and courteous and respectful to the Theatre.  This is the first time I have witnessed so much activity.  It hasn't even been a month, and I received the results.  AND I received them personally which has not always happened.  If I am ever asked for a team of paranormals, I will certainly refer the Old School Paranormal team."  

Columbian Theater

Wamego, Kansas - April 9, 2015

"You were wonderful to work with!"

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