The OZ Museum Ness City, Kansas - March, 2015



The OZ Museum is literally a few doors down from the Columbian Theater in downtown Wamego, Kansas.  As their website perfectly says, "The OZ Museum is dedicated to all things OZ."  


However, what is the OZ Museum like after the "closed" sign is put up and the lights are turned off?  Old School Paranormal wanted to find out, so we paid the museum a visit in mid-March 2015. 


You can find out more information about this awesome museum at this website.





There were two personal events that were not caught on camera, but caught on audio.  Two investigators, Steve and Kevin, both saw - at different times - what they believed to be moving shadows.  Steve saw a shadow dart across the stairwell on the main floor of the museum.  Kevin said he saw a shadow move at the back of the museum basement.





Usually, our K2 meters don't give us static EMF readings too often, but something in the OZ Museum seemed to set them off..particularly on the main floor of the building.




We were also able to catch a few interesting EVPs in the museum as well.