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The Team

Co-Founder, Lead Investigator, Case

   Manager, Website,      Video Production

Co-Founder, Lead Investigator, Case Manager, Research, Social Media

Investigator, Tech Manager, Electronics

Specialist, Social Media


Investigator, Building Systems Specialist


Neal Dreher


Old School Paranormal is not currently seeking any additional investigators at this time.


Kevin Sauer

Scott Stults

 Steve Stults


GENERAL POSITION INFORMATION:  All positions with Old School Paranormal  (OSP) are "at will".  These are strictly committed volunteer positions.  Before you apply, please note that OSP follows very specific and defined protocols prior, during and after each investigation.  In order to maintain our integrity, OSP has put in place some mandatory requirements.  The successful candidate will:


  • Be 21 or over

  • Have a strong interest in the science of paranormal research

  • Always maintain a safety-first attitude

  • Be drug and alcohol free

  • Not have a criminal history

  • Live within a 30 mile radius of Hays, Kansas

  • Be willing to follow Old School Paranormal protocol and guidelines for investigations

  • Be willing to follow through to the completion of the investigation – including evidence review

  • Understand that nearly all investigations are after sundown and may last well into the night and morning

  • Be willing to occasionally travel long distances, sometimes out of state, including overnight stays

  • Have the ability to have weekends off when needed

  • Own their own vehicle.  Our team believes in rotating turns driving to and from investigations

  • Help with the costs of maintaining website, the cost of group liability insurance, assist with gas money and donations that the team gives historical locations as a "thank you" for allowing us to investigate their location

  • Understand that owning your own equipment is preferred, but not required

  • Understand that having experience investigating the paranormal is preferred, but not required

  • Have excellent communication skills and high ethical standards

  • Work well in a team environment

  • Demonstrate dedication and helpfulness to the clients we serve

  • Demonstrate commitment to the community and team

  • Driven to learn and provide feedback

  • Be able to work in various locations; many of which are dark

  • Need to have the ability to adapt well to constant changes and be confident under pressure

  • Have a level-headed and open-minded approach to all investigations

  • Enjoy solving problems and working in a structured environment


Old School Paranormal team member acceptance is primarily based on personality and level of commitment.


OSP is a healthy blend of skeptics and believers.  That's what makes us a good team. Our investigators look for logical answers and accept that sometimes there might not be one.  We are also a multi-denominational group that is all-accepting and insist that all of our team members respect each other. 


Our team also follows and respects local and state laws when conducting investigations.  Just because they may look “abandoned” doesn't mean we trespass and begin to investigate.  We have a specific protocol in regards to the locations we investigate.


While doing an investigation is easily the fun part of being on the team, evidence review can be a time-consuming and sometimes grueling process.  Each member of the team is required to thoroughly review all audio, video and photographic data that they, themselves, gathered during the investigation.  We do believe in the teamwork approach where members help each other out as best as they can in the evidence review portion of an investigation.  It is not uncommon to spend countless hours pouring over evidence for one investigation.


Everyone on the team has "regular" jobs and families we support.  When scheduling investigations, in most cases, we find dates that all team members have open on their work and personal calendars. 


If chosen to be a member of OSP, you will have the chance to investigate paranormal cases firsthand with the rest of the team.  While owning your own equipment is not mandatory, it is something we consider when determining who will join our team.  Each team member pays for their own equipment and supplies (i.e. batteries) and is responsible for its maintenance.


People interested in becoming investigators with OSP must complete the form below.  Your request will be reviewed by the founders of OSP.  They will contact you regarding your application.  Please note:  once you are accepted onto the OSP team, you are required to attend any meetings, seminars and trainings that will include the basics of equipment knowledge and the investigation process.