Villisca Ax Murder House Villisca, Iowa- August, 2016



Sometime past 12 midnight on Monday, June 10, 1912, a person or persons entered a house in Villisca, Iowa, and bludgeoned to death eight people sleeping there, including two adults and six children aged 5 through 12. The killings became known as the “Villisca Ax Murders,” and are easily the most notorious murders in Iowa history.  The murders spawned nearly ten years of investigations, hearings and trials.  However, even 104 years after the murders, the killer or killers were never caught. 


Old School Paranormal made the trip to Villisca, Iowa in August 2016 - our highest-profile investigation yet.   

As expected, we captured some very compelling evidence  during our investigation and are pleased to present to you the reveal video (Parts 1 and 2) below.  We will make it a point to return to Villisca for a follow-up investigation!



Part 1

Part 2