Old School Paranormal is a fully insured paranormal investigation team that seeks to research the unexplained.  Based out of western Kansas, but serving all of Kansas and beyond, our team conducts private investigations into the paranormal in a professional and scientific manner.  Although our team formed in late Fall 2014, individually, we have investigated countless locations in central and western Kansas and Iowa for the past seven years.  


In February, 2016 we became a proud member of The PAST Family! They are an excellent network of amazing and experienced paranormal researchers. Check them out on FACEBOOK.


There are no traditional “charges” for our paranormal investigations.  However, if we are contacted to conduct an investigation at your residence or place of business, we ask that you consider making a donation to help off set the expense and huge amount of time these investigations demand. As you may have guessed, some of the equipment we use can be rather pricey. Not to mention consumable expenses such as gasoline, batteries, meals, etc.  In addition, it can take tens of hours to review evidence and actually conduct these investigations.  If you feel inclined to donate any amount, please visit our DONATIONS page.


At the same time, when we are granted permission to investigate museums or historic sites, our team does donate our own money as a "thank you" for letting us investigate the property. 


The reason why we became a team of paranormal investigators is because of the question: why are the spirits of the deceased still roaming the places they once lived when they were alive? As Christian paranormal investigators, our question is to know more about why they haven’t “passed over” for whatever reason God has determined. 

We also believe that there are teams that are “ghost hunters” who chase for the thrill. Some, not all, trespass, damage property, etc. all for the opportunity to catch a ghost on camera or on audio. To them, every single thing like a sound or an “orb” is a ghost. Our team is a team of paranormal researchers that takes a scientific approach with a vast arsenal of equipment (with our innate senses being the most important) to determine rational and logical explanations for why visitors to a historic location see, feel and hear spirits, why doors close on their own, why a business owner or family hears footsteps in the attic, and hear voices coming from the next room.  Therefore, we work to present an image of competent researchers who are collecting the most authentic and thoroughly reviewed evidence possible. 


As a team, we review all data from the investigation and thoroughly analyze each second of audio, video, photographic and instrument material collected.  In order to do this correctly, this process can take weeks and months to vet through.  Only after we have ruled out every possibility would we consider something else may be going on at a location.

Many of our clients want to remain anonymous, therefore we will always honor the confidentiality of our investigation if that is the client's request. 

Old School Paranormal does not perform exorcisms, cleansings, blessings or banishings.  However, if the property owner feels as if these services are needed, we will attempt to help in locating a person who will be able to assist.  Also, because the credibility of our group is crucial, we do not use or condone the use of Ouija boards, seances or provoking as a way to gain paranormal evidence.  


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Old School Paranormal.  If we can ever be of service to you, please don't hesitate to contact us at oldschoolparanormalks@gmail.com.

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