"replace fear of the unknown with curiosity"

(albert einstein)



















Old School Paranormal is a paranormal investigation team that seeks to research the unexplained in a professional and scientific manner.  Although our team formed in 2014, individually we have investigated countless locations in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa for the past twelve years.  We are member of The PAST Family, an excellent network of amazing and experienced paranormal researchers.

We do not charge to conduct paranormal investigations.  However, we do accept donations to help offset any travel expenses that incur.  If you feel inclined to donate any amount, please visit our DONATIONS page.  To that end, Old School Paranormal is known for being generous to museums and historic sites by donating our own money as a "thank you" for letting investigate the property.   

Old School Paranormal is also here to educate and help the public understand, cope, and deal with paranormal situations that impact their lives.  Because many of our clients want to remain anonymous,  we will always honor the confidentiality of our investigation at the client's request.


Although "Old School" is part of our team name, we are a team of paranormal researchers that takes a scientific approach with a vast arsenal of equipment (with our innate senses being the most important) to determine rational and logical explanations for what our clients claim is paranormal activity.  Therefore, we work to present an image of competent researchers who are collecting the most authentic and thoroughly reviewed evidence possible.

As a team, we review all data from the investigation and thoroughly analyze each second of audio, video, photographic and instrument material collected.  In order to do this correctly, this process can take weeks and sometimes even months to vet through.  Only after we have ruled out every possibility would we consider paranormal activity may be going on at a location.

​Old School Paranormal does not perform exorcisms, cleansings, blessings or banishings.  However, if the property owner feels as if these services are needed, we will attempt to help in locating a person who will be able to assist.  Also, because the credibility of our group is crucial, we do not use or condone the use of Ouija boards, seances or provoking as a way to gain paranormal evidence.  

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Old School Paranormal.  If we can ever be of service to you, please don't hesitate to contact us at oldschoolparanormalks@gmail.com.

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